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Ensuring water and energy security through research & development, advocacy and awareness in a sustainable manner for the people and the planet.


  • To conduct research and development (R&D) in both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ research in water, energy and environment related fields in providing solutions;
  • To use evidence based approach in providing suggestions and ideas in enhancing water, energy and environmental clusters in achieving sustainable development in Malaysia and the world;
  • To publish independent reports and publications as guidance, solution and awareness materials for all stakeholders;
  • To play vital role in achieving water and energy security as well as efficiency in utilising water, energy and environmental resources in Malaysia and the world;
  • To conduct seminar, workshop, awareness campaign, training, etc. in creating awareness and positive changes on water, energy and environment related issues to all level of stakeholders;
  • To be a leading Non-Government Organisation in research and development in Malaysia and the world for the water, energy and environment fields.













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