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According to "BP 2030 Energy Outlook", world primary energy use is projected to grow by an annual average of 1.7% from year 2010 to year 2030. In Malaysia, based on statistics provided in "National Energy Balance 2008", Malaysia records an annual average primary energy use increase by 6.1% between year 2000 and 2008. This figure is close to average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increase in the same period which is 6.0%. 

In addition to that, according to Energy Information Administration, the world was consuming up to 86.4% fossil fuel as the primary energy followed by 8.5% by nuclear energy, 6.3% by hydroelectric and 0.9% by other renewable energy resources in year 2007. However, the core issue is that the nation’s growth will cripple if we could not obtain secured energy resources. How do we ensure Energy Security in Malaysia when we are going to be net importer of energy resources way before year 2020?














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